Thursday, January 26, 2017

Isogashi or Wasoreru? Both?

I just found out that the kanji for busyness and forgetting combines the symbols for "heart" and "to die." So being busy or not having memories is your heart dying? Kind of profound... That makes me think of all the Japanese dramas I've watched where everybody is always talking about making memories...or the sadness of not having memories... I need to move on to Josei manga and abandon the shoujo...

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  1. Perhaps it is that if we have no memories we have not lived... and might as well die. Being too busy to remember you are living means you are not making memories.... very existential when you think about it! Are we only the sum of our memories? Hmmm.... Inevitably we get selective as memories, while being indulged mean you are not at that moment living fully in your "now".... (Sorry, I loved philosophy in college....) I hope you follow your path, whatever the memories!