Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shapeways, and I'm not talking about undergarments...

Remember this?

I got irritated with the system kitchen sink I have been working on. I want smooth! I want chamfers! I want real stainless steel! The wood and gesso were just not cutting it. I found Shapeways!

Shapeways 3D Printing!

Not this:

I modeled my sink in Vectorworks (a modeling/drafting program), converted the file to a .stl file, upload to, and placed an order. It took a few weeks, which is almost longer than I could stand, but I got my model last Friday. Can you say super-excited?!

This is my new sink in the counter:

I still need to settle on my drain cconfiguration, but I don't feel stuck anymore! The faucet (I've got something in mind for this one...), the cook top, and the broiler are the major tasks that remain. This is the Japanese System Kitchen in its current state of completion:


  1. Awesome! Can we buy these on Shapeways?

    1. Hey! Thanks so much! Only the sink is digitally modeled, so only that piece can be 3D printed on Shapeways. I haven't made the design publicly available, but if you are interested in getting the sink I can make the design available for purchase.

  2. Hi Laura,
    I just read you entire blog and like the inspiration house. It looks like you've already done quite a bit and the plans you have sound very interesting! I have built 4 dollhouses and love the construction part just as much as decoration and accessorizing. Stop by my blog and take a look. Your work looks very promising and I'll be stopping by often.

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